Release Notes

June 2024 Releases

Releases and feature updates this month

Version 12

More than five years ago, we introduced the Plus plan to give you a more powerful way to create docs, store knowledge, and collaborate on projects across work and life. Since then, we’ve added many new features, including 90 updates in 2023 alone, to help you and your team get organized and be more productive.

  • Today, Plus plan customers can do so much more in Notion:
  • Expand how you use Notion with unlimited blocks and file uploads
  • Never lose track of your work with 30-day page history
  • Collaborate with up to 100 free guests
  • Keep everyone on the same page with synced databases
  • Manage projects with automations to knock out repetitive work
  • Organize company knowledge in unlimited teamspaces
  • Launched this week: publish a beautiful website with custom domain and visual tools
  • And, coming soon: visualize data with unlimited charts and dashboards to track progress and goals

July 2024 Releases

Releases and feature updates this month

**Version 0.1.0** Release Date: 4/8/20214
                        Here are some cool things we have planned:
  1. Manage all your social accounts from one platform, ensuring seamless interaction.
  2. Use a unified inbox for efficient message management across platforms.
  3. Schedule posts in advance to simplify your social media strategy.
  4. Get the best posting times with data-driven insights for maximum impact.
  5. Customize thumbnails, hashtags, and previews for effective content.
  6. One content calendar for all scheduled posts is planned ahead of time.
  7. Collaborate on draft posts with your team for cohesive content creation.

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