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Effortless Social Inbox Management

#### **All-in-One Inbox**

All-in-One Inbox

Manage DMs, comments, and reviews in one place, so nothing gets missed.

#### Effortless **CRM Integration**

Effortless CRM Integration

Automatically move leads to your CRM, streamlining your sales process without manual work.

#### **Spot Key** Leads Fast

Spot Key Leads Fast

AI-driven workflows highlight important messages, ensuring you never miss a lead.

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customer loyalty?

Boost your customer service strategy with Engage’s powerful features to save time and boost productivity.


Seamless Multi-Platform Integration

Handle messages, comments, reviews, group conversations, and invitation requests from multiple platforms in one unified inbox.


Smart Categorization with AI

AI and rule-based workflows automatically organize your inbox, ensuring you stay on top of important conversations and leads.


AI-Enabled Writing Assistant

Craft responses and create auto-reply rules using our AI-powered text box for natural, engaging interactions


Performance Tracking

Monitor response times and customer satisfaction to continually enhance your service.


Collaboration Tools

Assign access roles and groups to your team members for coordinated, team-driven customer service.


Sales Funnel Integration

Link your unified inbox to your sales funnel by integrating Reachhub Social Inbox with CRM or other SaaS platforms through our open APIs.

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What is Reachhub Engage?

Reachhub Engage is a comprehensive social inbox that consolidates all your messages, comments, reviews, and group conversations from multiple platforms into one unified inbox, making it easy to manage and respond to customer interactions efficiently.

How does Reachhub Engage help manage social media interactions?

Reachhub Engage uses AI and rule-based workflows to categorize and prioritize messages, ensuring you never miss an important conversation. It also integrates with your CRM to seamlessly move leads through your sales funnel.

Does Reachhub Engage support automated responses?

Absolutely. Reachhub Engage features an AI-enabled writing assistant that helps craft responses and set up smart auto-reply rules, ensuring your replies are natural and engaging.

Can my team collaborate on customer interactions with Reachhub Engage?

Yes, Reachhub Engage supports team collaboration by allowing you to define access roles and groups, ensuring customer service is a coordinated effort.

Can I use the Reachhub Engage tool for free?

Our Engage tool is currently under development and will soon be available for users under all paid plans. We will notify all our paid users once it goes live.

What social media channels are supported on Reachhub's Engage tool?

Our Engage tool is currently under development. Once live, it will support a wide range of social media and business platforms, consolidating all inbox elements such as reviews, feedback, DMs, conversations, and comments. The supported platforms will include:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Threads
  • TikTok
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Google Business
  • App Store
  • Play Store
  • Pinterest
  • Glassdoor
  • Zomato Reviews

We aim to provide a comprehensive solution to manage all your social media interactions from one unified inbox.

Why do I need a social media engagement tool?

A social media engagement tool helps solve common challenges faced by businesses and social media managers:

  • Overwhelmed by Messages: Easily manage all your social media interactions in one place, reducing the chaos of switching between platforms.

  • Missing Important Conversations: Ensure you never miss critical comments or messages by prioritizing and categorizing interactions.

  • Slow Response Times: Improve your response times with tools that help you quickly and efficiently reply to your audience.

  • Inconsistent Customer Engagement: Maintain consistent and meaningful engagement with your followers through automated and personalized responses.

  • Lack of Insight: Gain valuable insights into audience sentiment and engagement, helping you refine your content and strategy.

  • Team Coordination Issues: Enhance team collaboration by centralizing communication and defining roles, ensuring a unified approach to customer service.

A social media engagement tool addresses these pain points, making it easier to connect with your audience, manage your online presence, and improve customer satisfaction.

What is a social media engagement tool?

A social media engagement tool helps small business owners and social media managers respond to comments, keep track of important interactions, and convert followers into loyal fans.